What is the TWR Bible Quiz?

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TWR India Bible quiz is to encourage and develop interest for an in-depth study of the Bible in the Indian languages. We have conducted the Bible Quiz successfully for the last 11 years. This success is mainly attributed to the systematic study of the Word of God developed by Dr.J.Vernon McGee of TTB and this is available with TWR India in more than 100 languages. Every church that has participated in TWR Bible Quiz, testified that it was an absolutely unique experience to study the Word of God in such depth and richness. Infact, in the year 2019 our national participation numbers had soared to an excess of 66,000 people within India.

This year though, we hope to take it one step further and ensure the reach of this event across the Indian diaspora. This is how the idea of an Online Bible Quiz was born. The presence of the pandemic COVID-19 further strengthened our motives as we strive to continue the ministry while remaining within the confines of the government’s preventive laws and regulations.

We hope you have a wonderful experience in participating in this annual event and find yourself spiritually nourished as you go through the journey of Exodus with us this year. Your participation encourages us to further proclaim the Gospel and strengthen believers across the nation, so does your continual support of the ministry of TWR India.

Thank you.

Available Languages:-

TWR India’s Bible Quiz 2020 is made available online in 14 languages that cover a significant section of India’s linguistically diverse people groups. Click here to know the languages available this year















If you can read and understand anyone of these languages then you can participate in the quiz comfortably. Make sure you chose the language you are most comfortable with when you register.

Date of Quiz:-

The Bible Quiz is set to be organized on the 28th and 29th of November, 2020. Further details on time and time zones across the World will be accessible by clicking here and in the guidelines that will be sent to you once you are successfully registered.

Registration Fees:-

There is a one-time registration fee of 50 INR . Click here to know the details

The registration fee has to be donated online while registering for the quiz.

Please ensure you note the transaction ID while processing the registration fee as this will serve as your registration ID as well.

If you are from outside of India and wish to make a payment then please note that you will have to make the payment in Indian Currency only. If you face any difficult concerning payment, please feel free to contact through any one of the contact options listed on the website and we shall try to help you out.

Once your registration is complete and verified by TWR India you will be sent a confirmation of the same and also a copy of the guidelines to be followed while preparing and participating in the online quiz as well as link to the audio content of our study for preparation.