1. There are multiple ways to access TWR India’s Bible Quiz Registration Page. They are:

· You may scan the QR Code on our offline advertisement using any QR code scanner (not UPI donation scanner) and you will be able to connect to our website with the registration form.

· You may also choose to visit our website: www.twrbq.net. Once you are on the website home page, simply scroll down until you see a collection of buttons in various languages. Click on the language of your choice to obtain basic information concerning the quiz and also to access the participation form.

2. The form can only be used to register one participant at a time which means that every individual participant has to fill the form for themselves.

3. The registration form can be accessed by clicking the Registration button scattered across the website or at the link : https://rzp.io/l/twrbq2020. The form will have two sections:

i) The first section comprises of basic profile data. This data comprises of details such as: Name, Language, Name of your church, Email, Mobile No, WhatsApp Number, Address, City or Town, State of Residence, Country and Pincode. The section also requests you to enter in the donation amount which has to be Rs. 50 or more.

ii) The second section comprises of donation options. You may feel free to make the donation by any available options. Please note that the payment has to be in Indian Rupee only. If you are from outside India then please get in touch with someone who has an Indian bank account and can help in getting the donation done.

iii) Once the donation is complete you will receive a Registration ID from TWR India which will confirm your participation in the quiz. Kindly note the same and use this in all your correspondence with TWR India’s BQ Team and use the same at the time of the quiz as well.

4. Once your registration and donations are successfully complete, you will be redirected back to the bible quiz website where you can access the guidelines and audio preparatory material. Kindly go through the same. You can access this content on the website at any latter time as well.

5. On completion of the above processes you will soon receive a confirmation email from the email ID: biblequiz@twrindia.org. This email will provide your registration ID.


1. Once you have completed the registration with TWR India for BQ2020 and the donation toward the same has been verified by us as successful, you will be sent a link to access the audio files to prepare for the quiz. You can also access the audio content at any time by accessing the website using the link : https://www.twrbq.net/downloads.

2. The free material comprises audio study material on the book of Exodus in all 14 languages. You may download the audio files in the language of your choice. Once you download the files, you may need to unzip the files using a software like Winzip, Winrar or 7-zip depending on your device in order to be able to access the same.


1. Every interested candidate has the option to register their Whatsapp number with TWR India to receive quiz related updates. This registration can be done at the time of registering for the quiz, using the registration form.

2. Once the participant subscribes to this service, he/she will also have to save the number provided by TWR India which is +91- 8368919742 to receive broadcast updates concerning the quiz.

3. No participant is compelled to subscribe to this service as all important updates will also be provided to the participant via their registered email address.


1. For any queries or further information on BQ2020:

-you may use the contact information provided on our website: www.twrbq.net to get in touch with our team.

-Email Address: biblequiz@twrindia.org

-WhatsApp Number: +91- 8368919742

-IVR Helpline: 0444 908 1208

2. Please note that there is likely to be a turnaround time of upto two days in the case of emails.


1. The participant must have successfully completed registration and received a registration number in order to be able to participate.

2. The participant will be sent a link for the quiz one day in advance. The link will be accessible only at the set time and not before.

3. At the time when the quiz starts, the participant will simply click the link and should have access to the questions in the selected language.

4. The participant has to provide their name, registration number and registered email ID at the start of the quiz itself.

5. The quiz is a timed event and so no responses can be submitted after the set end-time. Please make sure you complete the quiz on time.

6. Failure to complete the quiz in time will mean you will not be able to submit the form itself.

7. The quiz will consist of 100 multiple choice questions.

8. Each question carries one mark. No negative marking will be applied for incorrect answers.

9. Every question stands compulsory and none can be skipped. You will need to answer every question in order to be able to submit the completed quiz form.

10. Once the participant successfully submits the completed quiz form, he/she will immediately be able to access the marks scored.

11. Soon after the completion of the quiz, TWR India will release the correct answers to every participant.


For participants from the USA, Europe, South Africa, Gulf, UAE etc., the quiz will be held on 28th of November, 2020 at 8.00 PM (Indian Standard Time).

For participants from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia etc., the quiz will be held on 29th of November, 2020 at 2:00 PM (Indian Standard Time).

For more details, please visit the timezone page on the website at https://www.twrbq.net/tzone


1. The quiz comprises a total of 100 questions with each question carrying 1 mark each for a correct answer.

2. There will be no negative marking in the case of an incorrect answer.

3. Toppers will be primarily decided on the basis of their mark with the highest scorer being considered the topper.

4. In the case of a tie among two or more participants who have scored exactly the same mark, the time of submission will be considered as the criteria to decide the topper.

5. In the event when even the submission time criteria prove insufficient to decide a topper, TWR-India reserves the right to decide on a criteria to ascertain a final topper or organize a tie-breaker round. The decision will be informed to the tied participants before the certification steps are implemented.


1. Each language will have its own toppers based on the following criteria:

i) Grade A: A language in which there are at least 10,001 participants or more: Prizes will be awarded to 10 toppers and the total prize money to be distributed among them will be INR 1,00,000/-.

ii) Grade B: A language in which there are a minimum of 5,001 to 10,000 participants: Prizes will be awarded to 7 toppers and the total prize money to be distributed among them will be INR 50,000/-.

iii) Grade C: A language in which there are a minimum of 2,001 to 5,000 participants: Prizes will be awarded to 5 toppers and the total prize money to be distributed among them will be INR 20,000/-.

iv) Grade D: A language in which there are a minimum of 1,001 to 2,000 participants: Prizes will be awarded to 3 toppers and the total prize money to be distributed among them will be INR 15,000/-.

v) Grade E: A language in which there are a minimum of 501 to 1,000 participants: Prizes will be awarded to 3 toppers and the total prize money to be distributed among them will be INR 5,000/-

2. In addition to the above toppers, TWR India will also award one topper as the global winner irrespective of language. The global topper would be awarded a cash prize of INR 10,000/- on top of the prize money won by them in the language category.

3. The toppers in every grade and category will be decided on the basis of the marking scheme mentioned earlier and no outside influence will be entertained.

4. In the case that one language has 10,000 participants then too the language would not be automatically moved to the higher grade A unless it has 10,001 participants to show at the time of registration closure.


1. Once the participant has completed his/her registration through the afore-mentioned procedures and successfully completed the donation for the same in accordance with the relevant terms, there is henceforth no provision to cancel their registration for the event or obtain a refund for the same.

2. In the case of an unfulfilled request for the printed material, the participant is requested to get in touch with us.


1. Every participant in the online quiz who has successfully submitted the completed quiz form will be awarded a participation certificate.

2. A digital certificate will be sent to the participant unless a request for a hardcopy is received

3. The choice of certification will be sent to the participant once the quiz is over.

4. If the participant fails to make a selection or send a response for the same, TWR-India will send the certificate via email to the registered email ID.